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          In Germany, STOLPERSTEINE are usually financed by sponsors. If you would like to sponsor a STOLPERSTEIN in Germany, please get in touch with the appropriate association (See CONTACT US).

          It is of course also possible to support our project and foundation by making a donation, for which we are always very grateful.
          NB: We can only issue receipts for non-binding donations.

          Bank details for the foundation “Stiftung-Spuren-Gunter Demnig”:

          Recipient:   STIFTUNG-SPUREN-Gunter Demnig
          Bank:   Volksbank K?ln Bonn eG
          IBAN:   DE91 3806 0186 4518 0470 14
          BIC:   GENODED1BRS
          Reason for payment:   Donation for Stiftung-Spuren-Gunter Demnig